• Rosa DeLauro fighting ‘toxic’ atmosphere in Washington

    10.15.14: - DeLauro said the No. 1 issue remains the economy and there are a number of things she has advocated to move that along, including an infrastructure bank that would partner public and private resources for transportation and infrastructure – creating jobs that can’t be outsourced.

  • Ebola: A Preventable Catastrophe

    10.15.14: - We need to take this current outbreak as a wake-up call. Diseases will come, and we have to be prepared, by investing in the public health infrastructure that keeps America safe.

  • DeLauro, EPA emphasize Sound’s environmental, economic importance

    10.15.14: - “It’s not about just boating, not about recreation, it is an economic engine.”

  • Ebola vaccine being developed in state

    10.07.14: - DeLauro, said “There is no Ebola here,” she said. “Let’s be clear — none.” Still, the outbreak in West Africa, and the cases popping up elsewhere on the globe, are a “wake-up call” about medical research funding.

  • Is sugar the new tobacco?

    10.02.14: - Is sugar the new tobacco? New Haven Register By Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro Fifty years ago this year, the Surgeon General released its first-ever report on smoking. It found that fatality rates for lung cancer, then the most frequent type of cancer for men, were nearly 1,000 percent higher for smokers than for non-smokers. It also found that the [...]