• Who is writing the TPP?

    05.12.15: - Powerful corporate interests have spent a lot of time and money trying to bend Washington’s rules to benefit themselves, and now they want Congress to grease the skids for a TPP deal that corporations have helped write but the public can’t see — and for six years of future agreements that haven’t even been written. Congress should refuse to vote for any expedited procedures to approve the TPP before the trade agreement is made public. And Congress certainly shouldn’t vote for expedited procedures to enact trade deals that don’t yet even exist.

  • DeLauro dances to easy victory

    11.05.14: - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro danced in front of an audience of hundreds at the Shubert Theater last night after capturing her 13th term as Connecticut’s third district congressional representative.

  • DeLauro wins 13th term in Congress, lauds her New Haven roots

    11.05.14: - “I promise to be there for you, to keep fighting for you and your families.”

  • New Haven Register: DeLauro has earned a 13th term

    10.27.14: - Rosa DeLauro places herself front and center where it matters most: in the issues that affect the daily lives of Americans.

  • An effort to boost the Valley’s image

    10.25.14: - Instead of shuttered factories, the Naugatuck Valley could be known for its rich culture. An effort launched last week by two members of the state’s congressional delegation aims to make those goals a reality. Rosa DeLauro, whose district encompasses much of the Valley, introduced a bill to study the idea of recognizing the Naugatuck River Valley National Heritage Area.