• In West Hills, DeLauro Helps Malloy Rally Seniors

    10.22.14: - When U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro arrived at Park Ridge Apartments at 40 Austin St.Tuesday afternoon, she met a packed room of nearly 200 with the gusto and ease of someone who wins elections, and knows that every interaction counts.

  • Courant: Experience, Focus Make DeLauro Best Choice

    10.22.14: - DeLauro tends to find issues she believes are important but not getting attention, and attend to them. Many of them are worthy of her intense advocacy. She is an impassioned defender of programs for the poor and powerless, such as Head Start, Medicare and food stamps, as well as a watchdog on food safety.

  • Rosa DeLauro navigates freshman barbeque

    10.20.14: - DeLauro came to Yale Sunday afternoon to speak to the Yale College Democrats before they set out for a few hours of canvassing dorm rooms. Seeing the crowd assembled in Old Campus for the annual Freshman Barbeque, DeLauro, decided to go meet some of her newest constituents.

  • Rosa DeLauro fighting ‘toxic’ atmosphere in Washington

    10.15.14: - DeLauro said the No. 1 issue remains the economy and there are a number of things she has advocated to move that along, including an infrastructure bank that would partner public and private resources for transportation and infrastructure – creating jobs that can’t be outsourced.

  • Ebola: A Preventable Catastrophe

    10.15.14: - We need to take this current outbreak as a wake-up call. Diseases will come, and we have to be prepared, by investing in the public health infrastructure that keeps America safe.