• DeLauro: the agenda I fight for in Congress

    11.01.16: - “My view is this is the greatest economic challenge to face the country today — that there are jobs that just don’t pay enough money,” DeLauro said. “We have a situation where we have seen wages stagnant for the last 30 or so years and what has happened is that families really are struggling today.”

  • DeLauro never seems to go out of style

    11.01.16: - From punishing companies that use off-shore tax shelters and pushing food safety standards to dangling tax credits to those who surrender assault weapons, DeLauro’s agenda has ingratiated her with the 3rd Congressional District.

  • DeLauro Announce Push For Valley Heritage Designation

    10.25.16: - DeLauro stopped in Ansonia Thursday to announce she plans to introduce legislation that, if passed, would direct federal officials to do a study on whether 14 municipalities should be designated a new “Naugatuck River Valley National Heritage Area.”

  • DeLauro encourages faith in electoral process

    10.25.16: - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro spoke Friday morning about the integrity of the election process.

  • DeLauro to call on Congress to strengthen Social Security

    10.19.16: - DeLauro wants to expand the benefits that Americans have earned through Social Security, cut taxes for millions of seniors, and ensure the system remains solvent through the end of the century.